Memorial Service Aug. 28

We want to let you know that the time and place have been set for Marc’s memorial service.  It will be at the Rockport Opera House in Rockport, Maine on Thursday, August 28th at 5:00pm.  The Opera House was the Vermeer’s summer home and we can think of no more fitting place to honor his memory.  We hope that you will be able to join us to celebrate his life.


Nicole and Kirsten 


2 thoughts on “Memorial Service Aug. 28

  1. Victor Costanzi

    Dear Nicole and Kirsten,

    I regretfully cannot make the memorial service in honor of your father.

    I send you both my warmest regards and loving condolences. Along with those, are my memories of respect and warmth towards Marc. He was a great artist, a very fine man and – I was *very *aware how deeply he loved his family.

    His life was shorter than any of us wanted, but it surely was a life worth celebrating – artistically, humanitarian, familial, pedagogically… a very complete picture to my eyes!

    I hope to meet both of you some day and who knows, maybe even share a concert to help carry his legacy forward.


    Victor Costanzi


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