Looking for rides

Hi All,

I’m trying to help people find rides from Logan. If you are driving up on Thursday or driving back to Boston that evening, could you please let me know at cellonik@gmail.com?

Thanks so much!



One thought on “Looking for rides

  1. James Gorton

    Dear Kirsten and Nicole,

    I first met your Dad in 1965 when he was a sophomore at the Eastman School and I was a freshman. We lived down the hall from each other in the dorm and became good friends.

    A couple of months into the school year after a long day of classes I received a shock upon returning to my room. The room had been totally cleaned top to bottom with everything picked up and put into place! Hours before it was difficult to even walk in with so many books, clothes and papers strewn everywhere. My roommate and I couldn’t imagine how this transformation had taken place. That evening Marc confessed. He was too appalled that anyone could live in that squalor and had to do something about it!

    Seven years later Marc was getting out of the Marine Band, and I had already joined the Pittsburgh Symphony. Marc traveled to Pittsburgh to audition, and William Steinberg accepted him into the ‘cello section. The next year it was announced that the orchestra would be touring to the 2003 Osaka International Festival in Japan via Oregon and Alaska, and Marc and I decided to be roommates. It was the first time either of us had ever been out of the country.

    Upon arriving at the Osaka Grand Hotel we slept off the jetlag for hours. After awakening we were famished but talked and dawdled around the room for quite awhile. Soon we both admitted that we were apprehensive about venturing out into an unknown land, not knowing where to find food, how to pay for it, or whether we could deal with making ourselves understood in Japan!
    As the tour wore on Marc and I were inseparable. About a week into the tour, Marc started to receive calls from the Vermeer Quartet inquiring about his interest. His tenure with the Pittsburgh Symphony lasted only six months.

    In the early 1980’s my wife and I visited you in Wilmette. Your Dad and Mom proudly presented the two of you in an impromptu recital (in pajamas), which I’m sure you don’t remember. Even then your talent and musical aptitude shone through. Both of your parents were so proud of your musical and personal accomplishments. They enjoyed so much telling people about your successes over the years.

    My sincere condolences on the loss of your father. We have lost an amazing musician, person, and friend. He will be so missed.


    James Gorton
    Co-Principal Oboe, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra 1971-2012


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